613 - What's wrong?

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613 - What's wrong?

#1 Post by Ernie5335 » 26.01.2013, 19:27

When I switched from 611 to 613, my icons in the favorite toolbar got wrecked.
Also I miss the horizontal lines and as you see, the icons are ugly now.
Here's what I mean:

This is in 611:

And this is in 613:

I'm sorry I now have to switch back to 611 :(

Is there anybody who know's what happened?
I say, what a day...

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Re: 613 - What's wrong?

#2 Post by Dreamer » 26.01.2013, 20:53

Yes, it's a known issue, you can find more info and workaround here:


Duplicate topic, closed.

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