Changing the look and feel of the menu

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Changing the look and feel of the menu

#1 Post by DanielKit » 04.02.2013, 17:47

Note: Topic closed, duplicate. -Dreamer

The beta has a new way to draw its internal menus, which is different than normal menus drawn by Windows in most other apps.

Personally I dislike the new look, but more importantly, it is inconsistent with the way FreeCommander shows the context menus (normal Windows-drawn menu)

Please make an option to use the normal Windows menus...

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Re: Changing the look and feel of the menu

#2 Post by Scott_Y » 04.02.2013, 18:58

What you have posted here is basically the same as your previous post viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4893 but you haven't added anything more to the discussion with this new post.

Rather than reposting as if it were a new issue (when it actually isn't), it would be better to "bump up" your original post by adding a reply to it. And the issue is more likely to get attention if you concentrate the discussion in one thread instead of making multiple posts on the same topic. Thanks.

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