selecting multiple files doesn't show "open" in rightclick

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selecting multiple files doesn't show "open" in rightclick

#1 Post by vsrawat » 05.03.2013, 07:25

fc 609 on w8

I selected 2 docx and 1 xlsx file. I rightclicked. In the context menu that appeared, there was no "open" option. The context menu was quite short also and was having "winmerge", "compare", "archive" sort of options, that fc thought should be done on multiple items.

I am filing it under "bug" because I guess that basic options in the context menu must always appear in the similar manner. There is no rule why multiple files can't be "opened" in one go. :-) so why not give this option, even give "open with..." option.

I closed the context menu, and hit enter key, so it warned me whether I really want to open multiple file, and on saying yes, it did open. So why all this long route.

Please check whether all minimal required "possible" actions are appearing in various context menu.


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Re: selecting multiple files doesn't show "open" in rightcli

#2 Post by joby_toss » 05.03.2013, 09:44

This is normal.
Multiple files with different extensions can't be opened simultaneously using the context menu.
It's Windows behavior, not FC.

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