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"Undo" feature

Posted: 12.03.2015, 16:53
by Nova
One feature I'm missing on FreeCommander XE since my migration to Windows 8 is the "Undo" feature.
In particular, now I can delete a file (or a folder) without confirmation, as the deleted file is actually in the recycle bin. In Windows Explorer, I can then undo (Ctrl+Z) and get back the file, without having to move to the recycle bin itself.

This is a nice feature, but I'm missing it a lot when using FreeCommander XE

Re: "Undo" feature

Posted: 12.03.2015, 22:14
by joby_toss

Re: "Undo" feature

Posted: 13.03.2015, 08:29
by Nova
Yes, I know it has been requested many times... I just wanted to add my "+1"

Re: "Undo" feature

Posted: 13.03.2015, 16:43
by Dreamer
Please add your support to existing topic.

Duplicate topic closed.