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Custom tab icons

#1 Post by Dreamer » 14.06.2019, 21:31

FC has the option "Show icons" for tabs, it works, but all icons are the same for standard folders.

I suggest to add support for custom tab icons and perhaps even add few built-in basic icons, e.g. downloads, documents, work, software, pictures, music, videos, movies, games, windows, system, FreeCommander...

It's more intuitive to use icons instead of just text, especially if you have many tabs opened.

For locked tabs add option "Hide tab name", to make more place for other tabs.

Perhaps they could be added also to "Automatic views", so that icons for non-locked tabs would be changing based on content / extension, e.g. for *.mp3 music icon would be used...

It would be also useful to be able to change icon size - and also the tab height, or just auto change it based on icon size.

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