When using file/folder colors, selections are always black

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When using file/folder colors, selections are always black

#1 Post by Scorpius » 16.02.2014, 15:49

FreeCommander XE 2014 Build 650, Windows 8.1 64-bit

When using file and/or folders colors and you select one of the colored items it is always black. In the following example the folder Apple should stay blue when selected, but it is black:


Also as you can see, and I know this has been reported many times, turning off full row select in detailed view doesn't work properly. If you turn off the theme it works but it's pretty ugly and you can't change the color of the selection.

If you look carefully you can see it almost works, I mean, the dotted line selects only the text, but the blue bar is bigger and selects the whole cell.

EDIT: Also colors don't appear when going inside an archive file using an archiver plugin different than the default one. Ex: Using Total7Zip and looking inside a RAR file, the folders always appear black.
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