762 - 4 error dialogs if path is unavailable

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762 - 4 error dialogs if path is unavailable

#1 Post by Dreamer » 29.10.2017, 10:50

afh wrote:The only annoyance is that if 1 folder is not available I get 4 messages "The system cannot find the path specified". I don't know what would happen if both folder were missing.
I can confirm this bug.

To reproduce:
- create new tab
- create test folder A
- lock the tab
- exit FC
- delete folder A in another program (e.g. Explorer)
- open FC
= 4 error dialogs are shown ("The system cannot find the path specified"), in address bar disk icon is missing, text is "This PC", but real path s C:\

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Re: 762 - 4 error dialogs if path is unavailable

#2 Post by iwant2know » 19.12.2017, 01:54

yes, this bug is darn old (and annoying).
to reproduce navigate to a folder, close FC. rename folder in another FM. restart FC. press 4x OK.

FC is completely lost by now. if your plan is to crash FC, try to create a/some folder(s)

exception class : EArgumentOutOfRangeException
exception message : Argument out of range.

main thread ($13fc):
0050c2ce +02e FreeCommander.exe System.Generics.Collections TListHelper.CheckItemRange
005e0372 +032 FreeCommander.exe System.Classes TComponent.GetComponent
00831eed +03d FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Forms DispatchShortCut
00831f28 +078 FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Forms DispatchShortCut
00831fcf +06f FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Forms TCustomForm.IsShortCut
006a5c61 +091 FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Controls TWinControl.IsMenuKey
006a5cc8 +028 FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Controls TWinControl.CNKeyDown
00410112 +042 FreeCommander.exe System TObject.Dispatch
0069b69d +36d FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Controls TControl.WndProc
006a23f3 +8a3 FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Controls TWinControl.WndProc
00737732 +0e2 FreeCommander.exe Vcl.ComCtrls TCustomListView.WndProc
006a16ba +02a FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Controls TWinControl.MainWndProc
005e2773 +023 FreeCommander.exe System.Classes StdWndProc
77476b5c +058 USER32.dll SendMessageW
0083815b +0ab FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.IsKeyMsg
008384d6 +106 FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.ProcessMessage
00838573 +013 FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.HandleMessage
008389c1 +0e1 FreeCommander.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.Run
014b8454 +3c4 FreeCommander.exe FreeCommander 476 +110 initialization
773559cb +00b kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk

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