Are there plans to support WDX plugins?

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Are there plans to support WDX plugins?

#1 Post by JohnFredC » 18.09.2012, 17:09

The file metadata supported by WDX plugins are essential to my use of a file manager.

Indeed, their absence from XE is one of the few remaining features that prevent me from switching full-time to FreeCommander from another tool.

In the competitor product, the WDX column values are available to use everywhere in the file manager interface: custom columns in the file panels, customized thumbnail labels by file type, the search dialog, multi-rename tool, filter tool, etc, etc. The utility of this integrated approach to user-customized file metadata is without peer and I am very dependent upon it.

Is there a plan to integrate WDX plugins with XE in the future?

Thanks for listening!

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Re: Are there plans to support WDX plugins?

#2 Post by Marek » 21.09.2012, 22:16

Could you name some examples where you absolutely need the columns from the WDX?
I think about file system plugins first.

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Re: Are there plans to support WDX plugins?

#3 Post by JohnFredC » 22.09.2012, 18:55

Hi Marek

Thanks again for responding!
Marek wrote:I think about file system plugins first.
Just a Windows guy here, sorry. I completely understand if additional file systems have higher priorities for other users.
Marek wrote:Could you name some examples where you absolutely need the columns from the WDX?
Sure! The following just scratches the surface.
  • Example 1: Age.wdx... Custom column to display the Age in days, then set a filter on that column which displays only files x number of days old for copying to another process.

    Example 2: Imgsize.wdx... Custom columns for image files. Column 1 contains X dimension, Column 2 contains Y dimension. Then filter and sort on either X or Y (or both) according to need. Also, use the values from the plugin to rename groups of files.

    Example 3: Shortcut.wdx... In folders of shortcuts, configure a column "Path exists" to quickly identify orphaned shortcuts.

    Example 4: Misc.wdx... Column with random number per file for various purposes such as playlists or statistical sampling

    Example 5: DirSizeCalc.wdx... Various columns concerning folders and files: for instance a column showing the compressed file size and compression ratio

    Example 6: Super_wdx... Use filemask criteria to populate a single column with different values (from other plugins) based on file type. For instance, a single column that shows "#subfolders/#files" for folders, image dimensions for images, duration for media files, comments for office files. Such a column is helpful to condense information according to filetype into less space on the screen.

    Example 7: Script.wdx...use VBS or Javacript to generate column data
It is important to remember that wDx plugins return metaData . If properly integrated into XE, that metadata could be used for renaming, filtering, searching, etc, not only columns in the file panels.

Thanks for listening!


There are many free wdx plugins out there. Here are a "few":

7zip info 0.2.3 Get various information about 7z-archives.
AKFontInfo 1.4 Shows font files properties.
AKMedia 2.3 DV-properties of avi files.
AKVegasUsage 1.0.2 Files props in Sony Vegas projects.
Age 1.04 Used to search for files where the file age is roughly known
Anytag.wdx 0.98 Displays metadata (like Artist, Album, ...) and technical info of almost all audio files.
AudioInfo 1.4.3 Show information about audio files.
CDA File Info 1.0 Plugin for extracting information from CDA (CD Audio) files.
CDR info 0.3 (11) Version, number of pages, dimensions and so on for CorelDRAW 6-11 files.
CDocProp 1.10 Displays standard and custom properties of Compound Document files such as Title, Author, Comments, Keywords, Word count, etc.
Content plugin JPG-Comment 2.0 Display and edit comments of JPG files. (JPG comments are different from EXIF comments.)
Cputil 1.1 Find file names with characters from a different code page, and rename them if needed.
DateNames 1.03 Provides the names of months and days of week of file dates.
Debian Linux package plugin 1.02 Inspect the metadata for Debian Linux packages (.deb).
DecAdobeSaveWDX 1.0 Info about JPEG-file compression
DecHexWDX Shows part of files in Hex form.
DecID3WDX 1.5 Shows MP3/FLAC audio tags (more information than analog plugins).
DecIcoWDX 1.7 Show ICO-files properties.
DirSizeCalc 2.21 Provides several numeric calculation for directory contents. The calculations can be started automatically while entering a directory or explicitly by the user.
Directory 1.10 Avoid selection of certain files.
EML info 0.9 Shows kludges (mail subject, from, to, etc.) in .eml files (mail format).
EmptyWDX 0.0.2 Identify empty folders
ExeFormat 0.6a Show information about executable file. Currently supported are MZ, NE, LE/LX, PE(PE32/PE32+).
Exif 2.1 Camera data like aperture and exposure time from JPG and Canon RAW image files.
Exif plugin 1.47b Many fields including: ImageDescription, UserComment, XResolution, YResolution, ResolutionUnit, Software, Artist, ShutterSpeed, YCbCrPositioning, SensingMethod, ExposureMode, WhiteBalance, DigitalZoomRatio, FocalLengthIn35mmFilm, SceneCaptureType, GainControl, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, SubjectDistanceRange etc.
Expander 0.1 Separate filename into different string (specific char separator)
Fast Fb2 wdx 1.2.1 Designed to read information from fb2,, fb2z, zfb2 formats.
File Descriptions 2.6.2-x32 / 1.2.3-x64 Display file descriptionsand other WDX plugins!) to show descriptions of other file types
FileContent 1.10 Data for search function
FileDateTime 2.07 Columns: Ymdd, YYmdd, YYmmdd, YYYYmmdd, Ywwd, YYwwd, YearOfDecade, YY, Year, Month(hex), Month, Week, DayOfWeek, Day, DayOfYear, Hour, Min, Sec, Timestamp
FileGroups 1.10 Group files and sort by these groups.
FileInDir 1.1 Search for directories which contain specified file with specified text content.
FileScanner 1.0 Display data from PE files and it can also display if a file is a valid PE file or not.
FileX 2.2 Useful fields for grouping, search and filtering.
GSF Info 1.0 Work with Gedemin setting (GSF) files.
Group Sort 0.8.2b Sort files by user-defined groups.
HashSys 0.2 Hash values (has lot of algorithms).
IconLibrary 1.10 Displays the number of icons in a file.
Id3 1.1 Show mp3 ID3 tags (only ID3 version 1), like Artist, Title etc.
Image 1.10 Compare images by content in synchronize directories. In addition fields for image dimensions are provided.
Image Info 1.42 Extracts most recent info from images: Width, Height, BitsPerPixel, PixelFormat,
ImageMetaData Exif tags, IPTC datasets and XMP properties
ImgSize 2.02 Columns Width, Height, Pixel, Diagonal, Orientation, Size, Aspect ratio, Bpp, Dpi
LotsOfHashes 1.0 Calculate and display hash values for any file.
MIDlet 1.0.2 Infos contained in jar (and jad) file.
MKInfoCP 1.0.2b Get info from Matroska files (MKV, MKA, WEBM).
MP3Info 1.9 Display MP3 (and WMA) info.
Media 0.6.1 Duration in time-format, duration in ms format, audio stream compressor, etc.
Misc 1.06 Random numbers etc.
NL_Info 1.20 View number of hard links for files and also type and target for reparse points on NTFS.
NTFS Descriptions 1.2.0 Display, create and edit comments for files and directories, stored in streams on the NTFS file system.
NTFS Stream WDX\WCX plugin to show/modify NTFS Streams.
NTLinks 32/64 Retrieve information about NTFS reparse points
NicePaths 1.10 Increase the readability of paths in search results.
Office2007wdx 0.0.3 See Microsoft Office 2007 XML documents properties.
OpenOfficeInfo 1.3.0 Display properties of documents.
Opera_Cache 1.2 View information about cache elements of the Opera browser.
Palm DB File info content plugin 1.0 Palm DB File info
Permissions 1.11 Identify if the current user is allowed to read, write or execute a certain file or directory.
RarColumns RAR info
RarInfo 0.9 beta Information about RAR archives.
ReadGbx 1 Read info from track's file of the famous game Trackmania
RedHat Linux package content plugin 1.0.0 Inspect the metadata for RedHat Linux packages (.rpm).
RegInfo 21.05.2005 Shows MIME and file type informations.
Regexp_wdx Regexp Content plugin
RichText 0.3 Full text search in *.rtf files
SEO HTML 2.0 SEO plugin
SVGwdx 0.0.1 View SVG files properties.
SVNdetails 2.0 Fields from TortoiseSVN.
SWF Content New 1.0 Show info about Flash SWF files.
Script Content Plugin Plugin allows to write your own vbs and js scripts to get information from the file or for parsing it's name and for placing the result to the plugin's column.
Security Info 1.0.1 Show group and owner for files on NTFS partitions under Windows NT and higher.
ShareInfo 1.10 Provides information about shared directories on the local machine.
ShellDetails 1.23 ShellDetails displays all Windows Explorer fields
ShellInfo 1.10 ShellInfo displays file and folder names as in Explorer and the file's type.
Shortcut 2.10 Properties of Windows shortcuts (LNK files).
Similarity 0.01 Showing strings similarity.
Simulink Parses theSimulink model file for version, creator, creation time, description, etc.
Summary 1.10 Read and write the Summary information known from Explorers' file properties dialog.
Super_wdx 2.2 beta Use all wdx plugins in just one column by file criteria
TcSvn 1.0 Show svn working copy status information
Text Line 1.1.0 Show a line from a text file. (Line number/ encoding can be chosen)
TextSearch 1.4.4 Perform full-text search in any documents, which have command-line converters to the plain-text form.
Torrent_wdx Show : Tracker, File Number, SHA, Total Size
Total SQX Content 2.0 Information from SQX archives
TrID 0.1 Detects file type by signature. Based on TrID code.
Translit_wdx 1.6 Tranliterate Russian, Greek, Sanskrit etc. words with english characters.
TypeLib Info 1.0 Information about type library contained in file (*.exe, *.dll, *.ocx, *.tlb).
URL Grank Retrieves and displays the Google PageRank™ of an Internet shortcut of a URL file
UnicodeTest/LockedTest 1.2.0 Check: Is filename Unicode or ANSI (on Windows NT+) and is file locked by another task or not.
Volume 1.10 Displays volume information,useful when you have mounted volumes into a directory
WDXTagLib 1.0.1 Show audio file tags in columns, edit tags and search in tags.
WdHash 1.0 Calculation of checksums (hashes) for any file.
Wdx_Code Content plugin to detect text code page. (for 1byte pages)
Wdx_Eml Various fields from eml files
Wdx_Rename 0.5a Rename files (like '') using lists.
Wdx_exeinfo 1.10 Check for a Version Resource and extract information.
Wdx_global_diz 0.8b2 Assign files and directories to user groups, create user columns and store descriptions for files in global file.
XPDFSearch 1.07 xPDFSearch can be used to perform full text search in PDF files.
XPIInfo 1.1d Obtain information from xpi- and jar-files
ZipType 1.0 Content plugin for ZIP files.

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Re: Are there plans to support WDX plugins?

#4 Post by reels » 22.09.2012, 22:55

For me it is also important. I am still waiting for a new beta version with implemented wdx plugins support - and still nothing. I offen use "Fast Fb2 wdx 1.2" and for that reason must use Total Commander at the same time.

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Re: Are there plans to support WDX plugins?

#5 Post by BGM » 18.10.2012, 19:38

I was never a TC user, but I think the idea of using more kinds of plugins is intriguing. I am sure that if FC supported wdx plugins (and other TC plugins), it would win over a lot of dedicated TC users.
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Re: Are there plans to support WDX plugins?

#6 Post by cm630 » 25.08.2020, 09:00

This is a very old thread, but as of 2020 does freeCommander support WDX plugins?
Googling lead me nowhere.

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Re: Are there plans to support WDX plugins?

#7 Post by Timon » 25.08.2020, 20:24

FreeCommander XE support only WCX and WLX plugins, WDX plugins are not supported til now.

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