FC not refreshing. FC problem? or Win10 problem?

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FC not refreshing. FC problem? or Win10 problem?

#1 Post by fc_fzx » 20.03.2023, 18:15

I have FreeCommander XE 2020 Build 840 32-bit public.
It's been working like a charm for a while, but lately, I've seen some odd new problems.
Problem #1: It doesn't update the drive list when I plug in a thumbdrive. In the past, my thumbdrive, as drive I:, would pop up almost immediately. Now it doesn't at all. I can get to the drive by climbing up the folder tree to show all the system drives, and it's there. But it doesn't show up at the top.
Problem #2: It's not showing all the folders or files when new stuff is added in real time.

So, basically, it's not refreshing, even after I hit the refresh button over and over.

This could very easily be a Windows 10 thing, because Win10 has started falling apart lately, no doubt from deliberately built-in "flaws" timed to encourage people to move to Win11. Or, it's just a crap operating system. (Which we've all known for a while.)

In either case, I think if we can figure out why FC is not working, it can diagnostically point to the larger problem with Win10.


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Re: FC not refreshing. FC problem? or Win10 problem?

#2 Post by Forez » 21.03.2023, 21:23

I too have been experiencing staggering various issues related to auto-refreshing of content in Panels, lately noticing even some new one

But in my case I attribute them [the new ones] to having switched from using Build 880 32-bit Public to version 885 64-bit Donor Portable

But now that you have mentioned possible secret pushing down Windows 11down the throats- I use Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 19042.746 x64 [which I am unable to update due to some bug]

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