Deleting Recycle Bin folder blocks FreeCommander

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Deleting Recycle Bin folder blocks FreeCommander

#1 Post by Forez » 19.05.2024, 10:54

Despite me using

Tools > Settings > File / folder operations > Delete > Use FreeCommander

whenever I delete a Recycle Bin system folder from a volume like e.g.


a pop-up window produced by Windows shows up - the same window that shows up when I use the Empty Recycle Bin entry from the context menu available under right-click executed on the Recycle Bin icon residing on the Desktop. And that progress window blocks operations in FreeCommander, which is work-flow disrupting if user attempts to get rid of tens of thousands of items of unwanted data. And although the progress can be paused or cancelled, it still does not solve the core issue, which is that FC at some point will have to remain blocked for an extended period of time

So would it be possible for FreeCommander to take over also this ultimate task of handling the deletion process - in a way that would not block it?

I am using Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 x64 [10.0.19042] with Build 907 64-bit Donor Portable and Build 900 32-bit Public Installed - but that has been happening probably always; and my drives are all SSD, either SATA or NVMe

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