English.lng tweaks

Discussion and questions regarding to the translation of FreeCommander XE
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English.lng tweaks

#1 Post by freenylon » 15.06.2024, 05:22

The English translations of FC strings are usually very accurate and clear, but some could be tweaked.

4602=The file name contains not visible characters typical for malicious software (virus).
Change "not visible" to "invisible"

6012=Destination device is full and happens to be removable
Change "happens to be" to "is"

50052=Target object does not exists or can not be opened!
Change "exists" to "exist"

54045=If recycle bin property "Don't move file to the recycle bin. Remove file immediately when deleted." is active - delete operation is permanently.
Change "permanently" to "permanent"

56276=Archiver plugin not found or the file can not be handle (e.g. password protection)
Change "handle" to "handled"

58614=Path is not defined or can not be find!
Change "find" to "found"

59024=The calculated sum is not equal with the pattern sum:
59025=The calculated sum is equal with the pattern sum.
Change "with" to "to"

61040=Count of lines in the file (%s) does not match with count of files in the list (%s)!
Delete "with"

66512=Files which exists only on the right:
Change "exists" to "exist"

69102=Do you want to temporary download the file?
Change "temporary" to "temporarily"

In several places, "canceled" should be changed to "cancelled"
6001=User canceled entire job
6002=System canceled entire job
69748=Operation canceled
70312=Function was canceled by the user

There are several places where "can not" should be grepped to "cannot"...
67002=Can not create target folder:
67004=Can not auto rename "%s"
69756=Can not rename target file: %s
57063=Can not auto rename "%s"
58213=Can not find installed VLC Player (www.videolan.org)

Hope that helps

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Re: English.lng tweaks

#2 Post by m-a-r-k » 15.06.2024, 17:38

Good catch.
There are a lot od "exists" instead of "exist".

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Re: English.lng tweaks

#3 Post by Marek » 16.06.2024, 19:23

Thanks, the changes are integrated in the release 910.

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