Window and Folder Tree Size on restart or monitor resolution change

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Window and Folder Tree Size on restart or monitor resolution change

#1 Post by ikkyo » 16.06.2024, 11:41

FreeCommander XE 901 and Windows 10 latest.

Each time I restart my Windows 10 PC the Window of FreeCommander XE has a different much smaller size.
Same happens if I switch the resolution of the monitor.
I'm quite sure that this is Windows issue and not exactly of FreeCommander XE, but strangely there are programs which are not resized that extensively.
The trick to resize it manually and to move the window to have the size saved works only some times.
Especially on resolution change it is over again.
I have a workaround for that using another tool which resizes the window again and put it into the required position (not automatically but using a short key).

What is more annoying is that the width of the folder tree is also changed each time, so I have to resize it over and over in both parts of FreeCommander window.
Tried "Lock View" option, but it seems to be disabled each time I restart the tool.
Manually resizing the window seems not to change this width but Windows.
Is there a way to keep the width of the folder tree fix independent from the main window size?

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Re: Window and Folder Tree Size on restart or monitor resolution change

#2 Post by Dreamer » 18.06.2024, 22:37

Can't confirm with 901 and 910, Window 10.

Perhaps it's not Windows or FC, but another program.

I remember, that all windows were resized to smaller size when installing new nvidia driver, display resolution is changed to 800x600 or similar for a moment.

Workaround to this issue is just closing all windows, before installing a new nvidia driver, then reopen.

It could be changed also when monitor is turned off.

Another workaround, when anything changes window size of any program, just "kill the program", end task for that program in task manager does not work, I'm using HotkeyP , command "Terminate process" - using this way any changes in the program will be lost.

Another easier workaround - open another instance of the FC, correct size should be used, then close the first, wrong FC window, then close second, correct FC window and open FC again, this works also if something is changed, deleted within the program (not files, of course).

Anyway, if the window is smaller just few pixels every time, it's not normal and you should find the reason.

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