Up one folder instead of opening files

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Up one folder instead of opening files

#1 Post by ElroyJ » 27.10.2010, 16:54

I have been using FreeCommander for a few days now, and although I like it there is a minor usability issue that keeps bugging me.

The scenario is as follows: I'm navigating to a folder containing a number of music files. I draw a selection rectangle with my mouse over the files that I want to queue in my music player. I press enter to open them, but FreeCommander goes up one level to another folder. This happened to me a number of times, and after carefully analyzing what was happening, I discovered that there seem to be two selection methods that are active at the same time. Whenever I select files with the mouse, the dotted line still stays over the ".."-entry for navigating up one level. Upon pressing enter, the ".." action is performed and my mouse selection is ignored.

Fine, I thought, from now on I will use click and another shift-click to select a range of files and then press enter. This works fine. However, most of the time I just want to open every file in a particular folder. So I can press CTRL-A to select everything, and then press enter. But to my surprise this still takes me to the upper folder instead of opening all the files. I think this is a very unusual design choice...

As a workaround I have been looking at removing the ".." entry from the folder view altogether, maybe replacing it by a toolbar button to go up one level, but I found no way of doing that.

So my question is: am I using the program wrong or is this an actual issue/bug?

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Re: Up one folder instead of opening files

#2 Post by Wasabi » 27.11.2010, 20:45

I don't know if it's a bug or a deliberate design issue. I've been using a workaround for so long, I forgot about the odd behavior.

I highlight the top file in the list then press SHIFT+END. That gives the behavior one would expect from CTRL+A (selecting all files and NOT selecting "..").

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Re: Up one folder instead of opening files

#3 Post by matera » 06.12.2010, 03:24

The selection of ... with Ctrl+A can be avoided by one mouseclick anywhere in the panel. At least that always works for me. I seldom have the ... selected; maybe it's the way I navigate.
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