880 - Drive icon blink

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880 - Drive icon blink

#1 Post by Dreamer » 19.12.2022, 00:30

I think this bug is new in 880, 64-bit and 32-bit version.

Tested with default settings, to reproduce:

- start FC
- or press Shift+Ctrl+R to refresh both panels
- delete any file and empty recycle bin
- just delete any file (reproducible not every time)

Drive icon in address bar is changed to Network icon for a moment, also the drive bar icons disappear and the letters are moved.

It's changed between these 2 states, you can download the images and switch between them in internal viewer:
FC 880 - Drive icon blink_1.png
FC 880 - Drive icon blink_2.png
EDIT: OK, in older version there is a blink of these icons too, but in address bar the icon just blinks, it's not changed and in the drive bar icons blink too, but the letters are not moved.

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