Losing all shortcuts after invoking Quick Filter

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Losing all shortcuts after invoking Quick Filter

#1 Post by tuvix » 30.11.2023, 20:23

FreeCommander XE 2023 Build 899 64-bit donor (Windows 10 Pro 22H2)

I've been noticing for a long time (ca. year) that sometimes all FC shortcuts just stop working and you can see only an empty list in the Define Keyboard Shortcuts.
It can be always fixed by restarting FC or by using mouse to switch focus from panel to panel, but it's quite annoying when you are using just keyboard mostly.

Now I've tried to run FC with the default settings (ini), to see if there isn't a problem with my settings, but it happens with defaults too.
Particularly I noticed it happens all the time after I use the Quick Filter. (Perhaps it happens also after other operations, but I'm not sure which exactly.)

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Put icon for Define Keyboard Shortcuts to the toolbar (for easy access).
2. Define shortcut for Quick filter off as Ctrl+F10.
3. Invoke the Quick Filter by Ctrl+Y and type some text to filter.
4. Now when you try to cancel the filter by Ctrl+F10 it doesn't work. Moreover when you open Define Keyboard Shortcuts, there are no shortcuts visible!
5. One trick to fix that is to change focus from panel to panel by mouse and all shortcuts are magically back. You can also use the Tab key which seems to be still working.


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Re: Losing all shortcuts after invoking Quick Filter

#2 Post by Marek » 03.12.2023, 10:58

With your steps it was easy to reproduce it, thanks!
It is fixed for the next release.

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