Small Guide to complete more steps after installation

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Small Guide to complete more steps after installation

#1 Post by Merel » 23.03.2009, 21:05

I guess that I gathered here all information given by our forum members .
We all seem to encounter the same problems.
This sequenced step-bystep guide I hope will help a little.

There are additional steps to make, before you start using the program

1. Install the HELP file
The HELP file will not work if you don't follow next steps. Do it right after the installation !

1.1 Download the HELP file in the choosen Language, somewhere to a location on your PC, wherever you like.

1.2 Unzip the file to the directory where FC has been installed

2. Making the contents of the HELP file visible on your screen
2.1 Open FreeCommander go to HELP menu and open "Contents"

Likely you will see the left pane, showing the items of the Help file,
but an error message on the right side. The message might say that navigation was cancelled, or something alike.
This is because Windows does not allow the access to the Help file.

2.2 If so , it can be fixed by a fix in the register.
You should do it with the help of a utility

2.3 Go to

2.4 Read the instructions and download HHReg v1.2 and unpack it.

2.5 Run the executable. A popup window will ask which file to be unblocked
Navigate to the Help file installed previously in step 1.
After that the fullpathname will appear in the small window of HHReg

(Here I hesitated because the program does not seem to acknowledge that it finished to the register the entry)

2.6 Close all windows and program an restart the computer, to be sure that the new register entry will be active. The contents of the Help file should now be visible on your screen.

3 Before starting to use FreeCommander a few things to know
3.1 Have a look to a good Guide, which helps you getting started

3.2 A lot of shortkeys are available for all tasks.
If you forget some shortkeys (very probably) remember that you can easely find them via the Help Menu

3.3 Not very obvious function is "UP" (to upper directory)
Just hit the backspace.

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