Freecommander window never restores with viewer

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Freecommander window never restores with viewer

#1 Post by pepegalleta » 17.04.2009, 14:01

- FreeCommander version and operation system: "FreeCommander 2009.02, Windows XP SP2".

- Reproducibility: 100%

- Steps:
1) Open Freecommander
2) View a txt file
3) Minimize viewer pressing on taskbar
4) Minimize freecommander pressing on taskbar
5) Restore viewer pressing on taskbar
6) Try to restore freecommander window in any way, and it is not possible

- Test with default configurations:
Not reproduced

- Modification in config to achieve bug:
1)Open a viewer and configure Options->Configure->Display at startup: Viewer is visisble in taskbar = Enabled

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#2 Post by Dreamer » 17.04.2009, 23:46

Confirmed, also with the latest beta version.

Win Vista 32 bit, SP1.


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