More buttons for the splitter

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More buttons for the splitter

#1 Post by Dreamer » 27.10.2007, 17:45

Currently just few buttons can be placed on the splitter. I suggest the fully customizable splitter, the same as main "buttons" toolbar, or at least add more recenlty used buttons - as option, e.g.:

- delete
- refresh
- view
- rename
- Search files
- standard copy/move/paste buttons
- Universal (Un)Pack button (more information)

Also spaces between might be not so big, or even customizable:

- no spaces
- small spaces
- big spaces

...or even option to define exact space size in pixels.

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#2 Post by sjbildermann » 28.10.2007, 09:39

The splitter is for most users the best feature and should be customizable.

Buttons should be drag and drop for any feature, copy delete move obviously but others may need more such as

Swap panels (It's there now)
Make both panels the same
Display drive info
Rename this file
Steve John Bildermann

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#3 Post by JohnFredC » 29.10.2007, 00:58

Support++ any appropriate button on any toolbar, including the splitter.

Obviously, the specialized splitter buttons whose icons respond to the active panel probably shouldn't be available for other toolbars.

I agree the splitter toolbar is a great thing.


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