"System directories" suggestions

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"System directories" suggestions

#1 Post by Dreamer » 01.11.2007, 00:27

I'd like to have ALL system folders in the same place. "System directories" would be the best place IMO.

I suggest to add the Control panel to "System directories" button menu, to have all important system folders/items in the same place - and also recycle bin.

Another suggestion - Display some folders as a menu - same as Windows option "Display as a menu" (in Customize Start Menu > Advanced, for Control panel and other items...) - these folders might be displayed as a menu:

- control panel
- start menu
- programs
- my documents
- desktop
- favorites
- startup
- recycle bin (display Open and Empty recycle bin items as a menu)

This would be very useful to quickly open any system item by a mouse.

Of course there should be the way to open the whole folder, in explorer or/and in FC active window. 2 menu items might be a solution.

Perhaps there might be 2 System dir icons, one with "Display as a link" and the other one with "Display as a menu" (some folders). Not needed for me, but for some users who like the current behavior.

BTW Perhaps "System directories" could be renamed to "System folders".

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#2 Post by coldkeys » 29.05.2008, 10:29

I would like to add my support to this request, I believe this would simplify operations even further.


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