Function "Make folder/file list". Improvement.

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Function "Make folder/file list". Improvement.

#1 Post by fcasasu » 26.09.2015, 11:26

About the command "Make folder/file list", I think it would be very interesting to improve it.
For example, adding new options by means of the menu "User profile" (or creating a fourth tab), in order to let the user to define the fields to list and the sorting of them. Thanks.
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Re: Function "Make folder/file list". Improvement.

#2 Post by markus_maier » 15.12.2017, 16:32

Hello, is here any movement with this request ? I had several times the need to have a Directory list in different format, thats why a User Profile
or a adding admin defined profiles would really be valuable

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Re: Function "Make folder/file list". Improvement.

#3 Post by horst.epp » 15.12.2017, 17:14

For a much better file lister see
This tool allows you to generate and customize file and dir lists including play lists.
You can customize almost any aspect of the output which can be in text or html format.
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