How to open wsl (WSL2 Integration)

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How to open wsl (WSL2 Integration)

#1 Post by jturi » 24.03.2021, 20:53

Hi there,

Can anybody help me to figure out how to open the wsl2 files with FreeCommander?
If you activated wsl2 in Windows 10 and you installed Ubuntu or any other supported Linux on Windows you can open the Linux filesystem on Windows.
In Total Commander or Windows file manager, you can type \\wsl$\ instead of C:\ and it will open the Windows Subsystem for Linux filesystem, but it is not working in FreeCommander.

Is there a plugin or some ways to open \\wsl$\ ?

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Re: How to open wsl (WSL2 Integration)

#2 Post by tedpan » 07.05.2021, 22:01

I'm currently mapping the WSL to a network drive (Ex: Z: to \\wsl$\Ubuntu-20.04). Then access Z drive in FreeCommander.

At least I can access files in WSL in FreeCommander. Hope it helps.

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