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FreeCommander XE Icon

#1 Post by Uhuru NUru » 05.04.2021, 02:35

I threw together a FreeCommander XE Icon, in my constant mission to have all my Must have icons as Desktop Shortcuts, all in the same style.
A tall order, using the Extra Large Icon Size, even with three 1440p monitors, I have 600+ installed games, 100s of modding Utilities, not to mention all the must have programs you collect after 20 years of using Windows.

So my first tip, and one of those must have programs is Stardock's Fences utility. I exclusively use the Rool Up fences mode to give me, both a clean desktop, while having multiple pages of shortcuts on each winow, by hovering my mouse over the discreet fence names.

Any suffice to say using Open Shell, and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker my Windows 10 Pro, looks more like windows 7 (even got the glass transparency effects, as I detest the Metro (pretend PC's are phones) minimalist tile crap, and I'm knowledgable enough to limit MS spying to the absolute bare minimum, a W10 Pro version can.
There are many things I do like about W10, not least the dark mode in explorer, which was my number one reason for using free commander in the first place (along with showing the Virtual file system of Mod Organizer), which explorer still can't do.

Anyway enough of my setup, back to the FreeCommander XE Icons. Duh, I made the WebP ones to save some space, but this forum doesn't recognise that file type after all that effort (Using "Export as…" twice), so back to the PNGs it is.
“•FreeCommander XE - Icon 1 by Uhuru N'Uru•”.PNG
“•FreeCommander XE - Icon 2 by Uhuru N'Uru•”.PNG
The Icon Template is called AIcon (Another Icon, and was created by HarryBana on Deviant Art, plenty of other Icon makers used it there, so mine, are mostly filling in the gaps, or making ones for female game character versions where I wanted, often using my characters.

Specifically for Free Commander XE, it was adding the XE part, to the best logo I could find, also got that on Deviant art "Free Commander Dock Icons by Lustaufmeer".

•FreeCommander XE•.7Z includes source files And my WIP GIMP XCF files which shows all the layers used to create the Icons. Feel free to use the parts as source assets to make your own Icons, if you wish.

If you want more,you can use this GIMP format of the Template, to AIconify any 1000×1000 Pixel image, or scale the template and/or base image to match sizes in GIMP.
•Aicon - Template - 1024 [XCF] - Icon by Uhuru N'Uru•.7Z

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