Nice features, but it's TERRIBLY slow and laggy

Bugs and issues.
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Nice features, but it's TERRIBLY slow and laggy

#1 Post by mehmeh » 17.05.2021, 19:22

When I'm browsing my files in Thumbnail View I feel like I have travelled back to 1990. It reloads all icons every time and it takes 2 seconds for everything to load when I'm changing a folder.

Also what's with that smooth scroll? Why I cannot scroll instantly like in Google Chrome? I cannot find option to change it.

Even Settings take 1-2 seconds to load. Hell, even when I switch tabs in settings I see a flash of previous tab for a glimpse of second.
It all gives very bad visual experience, it feels like it was made by a bunch of IT students as their first project :cry:

I have tried suggestions from this forum to speed it up but nothing helps.

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