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Passing information to "go to folder"?

Posted: 03.09.2009, 09:38
by sagarat
I am looking at differetn ways to enable using a shorthand method for opening specific directories on a shared folder. Previously, I ran a script that called freecommander, which was set to a single instance.

A better way would be to pass a directory directly to the "go to folder" command. I believe that making a script or program to return a directory path is possible, but is there any way to pass it on to the "go to folder" command?

I am only really a beginner at programming, but I like to tinker.

Posted: 03.09.2009, 10:50
by ralfso
What about "Favorite-Folders" or Buttons for specific Folders in the "Favorite Tools Toolbar"?

Posted: 03.09.2009, 14:07
by sagarat
ralfso wrote:What about "Favorite-Folders" or Buttons for specific Folders in the "Favorite Tools Toolbar"?
There are about 6000 folders, grouped to 100 per parent folder, all named wiht a 4 digit number. The script I wrode took the 4 digit code, and opend all folders that matched it.

Posted: 03.09.2009, 19:14
by ralfso
OK, no idea,

but I don't understand:
are you opening one specific folder or a lot of folders in subfolders and what for?

Are there 20 folders named "1234" and do you open them in different tabs or different single instances?

Posted: 04.09.2009, 02:14
by sagarat
A typical directory is:

[Network drive:\job folder]\4901-5000\4932

There should only be one 4932, but there could also be 4932_A etc. There is also a second job folder that old jobs are moved to.

In the script, I would enter '4932', and it would open the folder whose names start with that, but are also in the correct parent folder ('4901-5000').

What I have done is change using explorer for opening the folders to using freecommander with command line switches, but that's a bit clunky. What I would like to do is run a program from freecommander, and then pass on the directory to open to the 'go to folder' command (probably in a new tab too).

I suspect that this can not be done, but freecommander has surprised me before with it's versatility.