The Settings dialog should *NOT* be modal

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The Settings dialog should *NOT* be modal

#1 Post by tbttfox » 12.03.2021, 01:35

My first interaction with FreeCommander is having to constantly close/open the settings window to see what changes when I update a setting because I can't interact with the main window when the settings dialog is open.

This is *supremely* annoying when first setting things up. The settings are updated only when I hit "apply" anyway, so there's no reason for the dialog to be modal.
Honestly, I would almost call this a bug.

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Re: The Settings dialog should *NOT* be modal

#2 Post by Odamn-Ete » 12.03.2021, 08:32

Hey tbttfox,

I as well would appreciate it if the settings dialog was not modal. I hope Marek can make it work.

Thanks for bringing this up.

Best regards,

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Re: The Settings dialog should *NOT* be modal

#3 Post by ags1905 » 28.03.2021, 09:24

I completely agree with the posts above.
I also see this as a bug, a limitation where shouldn't be one. I mean, this program is a file manager, it facilitates the managing of files and folders. Why would anyone make a part of it so impractical? Total Commander also has this annoying limitation. From this point of view, working with Double Commander, gives you a feeling of freedom, since you can open any other forms (changing settings or waiting for certain time-consuming operations to complete, for example) and continue to work in the main window.
I would go beyond the settings window and say that none of the other forms open by FC should be modal.

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Re: The Settings dialog should *NOT* be modal

#4 Post by Chainsaw » 21.04.2021, 15:24

I agree. It deters me from trying settings because its so tedious.

I do not have FreeCommander installed right now to verify, but I discovered if you open another instance of FreeCommander, you can apply settings in one instance and try the setting in the other.

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