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Small improvements

#1 Post by Elemelek » 26.01.2021, 01:03

Thank you for the program, it is pretty nice.

After a short time of using it I found some things could be slightly improved:

In the List (details view): when a file name is truncated because it is to long to show, there is nice feature to show the full name of it if the mouse hover over it, but unfortunately there is no delay, introducing a user defined delay for it would be nice.

In the PathBar: possibility to replace the drive icon with “up one level” button (something like in WinRar and others).

DriveBar as ToolBar (like Menu as ToolBar) would be nice also.
I did try to build additional toolbar with drives but it behave differently, first the “empty” drives are not removed from the bar, secondly the icons have kind of ugly letter on them, thirdly if captions are used the “empty” drives do not have single letters, instead captions “drive X” which takes a lots of space.
Btw: at least on my computer the ToolBar’s buttons for “Network” and “Drive 1” have wrong paths:
“Network” opens: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts
“Drive 1” opens: Desktop
where “Network” (I assume it is drive 1) on DriveBar opens Network.


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