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Viewer - folder thumbnails

Posted: 19.02.2021, 20:24
by Dreamer
Viewer is useful, but for folders and [..] item just few lines with basic info are shown, this info is also in the status bar, so it's quite useless.

I think it would be helpful to show the folder content in the viewer, as thumbnails, just first few items as preview, because showing too many items would be slow and scrolling would be needed.

Options for this features could be:
- show [X] thumbnails per folder
- thumbnail size: [X] x [Y]
- [v] show filenames
- [v] show basic folder info: number of items/subfolders/files, size, date

It could be useful also to quickly browse many folders, no need to enter each folder manually, go back, go to next folder...

Or perhaps there could be x64 plugin like this, do you know any?

FC Screenshot_02192021_202218.png

Re: Viewer - folder thumbnails

Posted: 22.02.2021, 01:50
by Forez
Interesting idea

Re: Viewer - folder thumbnails

Posted: 04.03.2021, 05:01
by Odamn-Ete