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#16 Post by uwee » 08.11.2007, 11:51

This feature wish was new to me but its quite handy. I use it with a strip width of 1 pixel so nearly unvisible and not disturbing.

But as i understand and use it, the intention of the strip was especially for a maximised window: go to the far edge without searching for the small strip and click! This works perfect as described for the left pane (strip is on the left side of the pane = far edge) but not for the right pane (the strip is also on the left side of the pane but should be at the far edge on the RIGHT side)

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#17 Post by Fad » 08.11.2007, 14:16

This works great, and helps speed up navigation when working with files & folders very quickly.....

The Right hand strip does need to be on the right hand side of the right panel...probably just an oversight in the beta test.

Great fix Marek, Thanks.

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#18 Post by sagarat » 09.11.2007, 03:14

The go up strip works great.

The only thing I can see that needs improvememt, besides the right-pane location, is for it to remember the number of mouse clicks. For instance, if I click it four times quickly, it may only go up three times.

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#19 Post by DG » 30.05.2008, 01:14

I have beta v343 and have just started using the up directory strip. I like it, but find its placement is unpredictable. When I first changed settings and set the strip to a width of 10, it showed on the far left in the file list panel.

I haven't figured out when this happens, but at some point its location changes to the far left of the tree panel. The strip is more useful in the file list panel.

I also see discussion in this thread about the strip being on the far right, something I haven't seen yet. I don't see a setting in the .ini file to designate the location of the up directory strip. Am I missing something?



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