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Copy-Paste automatic rename

#1 Post by sagarat » 02.11.2007, 10:23

I quite regularly copy a file to the same directory. In most cases, I rename the file to something other than the standard "copy of...", and mostly it is something that can not be chosen as a default.

I would like to see the option where if one did a copy/paste in the same directory, the newly created file is automatically selected, and the rename function is applied to it with the original name, and the standard “copy of..” is only applied if you just hit enter without renaming. The automatic selection would also help in not loosing your copied file in a large list.

Also, with it being such a nice touch to remove the extension from the selection during a rename, it would also be good to be able to press left/right for a pre/suffix to the original name.

For example of all the above, if I have a file called "doc.txt", and want to create a dated backup called "doc_nov.txt" in the same dir, the key-strokes would be:
Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Right Arrow, "_nov", Enter.

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#2 Post by Dreamer » 02.11.2007, 22:23

I make a copy of folders often, perhaps this would be a solution:

- name of the folder is TestFolder
- press ctrl+c, ctrl+v
- copy of folder is created with a suffix instead of prefix, rename is activated, blue underlined part is selected only, like this:
- TestFolder (copy)

Now example with the file:

- name of the file is TestFile.txt
- press ctrl+c, ctrl+v
- copy of file is created with a suffix instead of prefix, like this:
- TestFile (copy).txt

However, I'm not sure whether it would be easy to implement, since it's a Windows behavior...

I have already suggested option to automatically select newly created file via email, but I can't find it now, so at least this would be nice and very useful.


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