Copy and move into background

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Copy and move into background

#1 Post by epromd » 11.05.2008, 14:42

Hello, first and foremost I want to really thank for this brilliant software really its very complete and its at the same level as commercial ones.

It would be for me, extremely important and comfortable. To copy or move with a behavior as the total commander, who carries out these actions in the background, without using a windows process, so I find it more practical, because it gives me the impression, which is faster and also allows me to continue making operations with freecommander.

Thank you very much! and Congratulations!

p/d: Excuse my bad english, please :D

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#2 Post by Mago » 11.05.2008, 21:27

That copying window is indead annoying when it takes more then a few seconds to complete. I always have to move it out of the way.

While it is on the screen, FreeCommander reacts very sluggish and I start usually a 2nd FreeCommander to continue working fast. Explorer does handle this a bit better. Total Commander goes al the way with options to queu copy operations and pause them. But the basis of Total Commander needs a serious upgrade and the development is very slow in recent years.

FreeCommander is more compatible with Vista than many other file managers and Marek seems dedicated enough to improve the program in many ways. So lets give him a Hat and who knows what Rabbit will jump out.


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