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Metadata Tag title seems utf-8 but shows as locale

Posted: 27.04.2021, 07:01
by etc.
On viewer's metadata/exif setting, I choose options like as follows:
Use exiftool.exe: checked
Show: Tag title
Language: ja

Metadata tag title seems encoded as utf-8 in Japanese, but on viewer shows as locale.
For example, "File Size" is "ファイルのサイズ" in Japanese but shows as "繝輔ぃ繧、繝ォ縺ョ繧オ繧、繧コ".
And also, language names on language selection list seems utf-8 but shows as locale.

Re: Metadata Tag title seems utf-8 but shows as locale

Posted: 05.05.2021, 10:08
by Odamn-Ete
Hey etc.

if you use exiftool under a command prompt, you will see, that the issue is with exiftool and not with FC

Best regards,

Re: Metadata Tag title seems utf-8 but shows as locale

Posted: 17.05.2021, 12:19
by Odamn-Ete
I've looked into this issue a bit.
I ran exiftool with various options, i.e. HTML ouput, XML output, languauge etc.
I also ran the above exiftool commands with the additional option to write to file.

I have discovered that with most of the options, the display of tagnames differ between the files written and the display in console.
But the text written to file is as expected, i.e. with the correct encoding.
in the console, umlauts displayed incorrectly, e.g. h├Âhe instead of höhe

when writing console output to file, umlauts (Ö, ä, ü, etc.) are written with the correct file encoding and display correctly, e.g. größe instead of gr├Â├ƒe

When viewing the exif information alongside the file in quickview, the tag names are shown, written in the same way as when running exiftool in the console.

compare these outputs with oneanother:

exiftool -lang [your_2_letters] -charset UTF8 Path_to_file\Filename.jpg (console)


exiftool -lang [your_2_letters] -charset UTF8 Path_to_file\Filename.jpg -w! %d%f.txt (view this TXT file with quickview in FC) (the text file is in the same directory with the same name)

The only option, where the content of the console match the text written to file is the HTML option.

an example:

exiftool -lang de -h Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour.jpg (displays in console)

exiftool -lang de -h Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour.jpg -w! %d%f.html (writes exiftool output to file with .html extension)

output in the console equals that which is written to the file, i.e. umlauts are html encoded, e.g. größe instead of größe

when viewing the file as html, the special characters are displayed correctly (größe), when viewing the files as text, special characters are html encoded (größe).

Maybe this information can help Marek find a solution for this issue?

Best regards,