841 - Minor - Cancel operation dialog issues

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841 - Minor - Cancel operation dialog issues

#1 Post by Dreamer » 07.02.2021, 16:16

When copying a file and it already exists in the other panel, Confirm overwrite dialog is shown, this is OK, but:

If I press the Cancel button or Esc key, another dialog is opened "Copy operation is in progress. Do you want to cancel the operation?", I think this dialog is quite useless and redundant, since I already canceled the operation, and the operation is canceled if I click to Yes or No button, there is no difference.

Another problem is, that if I press the Esc key on Confirm overwrite dialog, I can't press Esc again to close the other dialog.

Workaround, Enter to close the other dialog works, but if my left hand is on Esc key and right hand on mouse, Enter is not easy accessible key.

Solution would be to remove the other dialog, if not needed, or at least add the working [X] button to close and Esc to close.

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Re: 841 - Minor - Cancel operation dialog issues

#2 Post by Marek » 24.02.2021, 20:07

It was fixed in 842.

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